Budget 2012 will help Wexford homeowners who bought at peak

We have fulfilled our promise outlined in our election manifesto and the programme for Government that will help an estimated 214,000 people who bought their first home during the peak of the property boom.

We have increased the Mortgage Interest Relief to 30% for people who bought between 2004-2008.

This will help families who are affected by this and are the biggest victims of the economic collapse.

Increasing mortgage interest relief was one of our key proposals during the General Election.

One of our first actions in Government was to reverse the cut in the minimum wage which was introduced by the last Government.

As with the abolition of the Universal Social Charge (USC) for low earners and yesterday’s increase in mortgage interest relief, I am pleased that we now have a Government that is determined to be as fair as possible throughout the budgetary process.

This is the first Government measure taken since the property market collapsed in 2008 that has given hope to struggling homeowners that bought their first home during the boom.

Minister Paul Kehoe TD

Government Chief Whip & Minister of State