Cyber Safety for Parents & Guardians

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Cyber Safety Leaflet Feb 2018

There are many unknowns that our children and teenagers are at risk of in the digital era.  Cyberbullying can more often than not be a silent predator; knowledge, communication and oversight is more important than ever.

One thing is for sure – what goes online, stays online…forever!

New research released this month highlights the extraordinary challenges facing everyone regarding cyber security.  The study by CyberSafeIreland shows that one in three young people aged between 8 and 13 rarely or never talk to their parents about online safety.

As a father myself, the most worrying aspect of this research was that a third said that they are in regular contact with strangers on the internet.

With these ever-prevalent risks to young people in our community and across the country, I have produced the attached booklet which I hope will be useful as we continue to familiarise ourselves with our children’s heightening connectivity to the world that lies right at their fingertips.

Some of the language used by online strangers can be quite extreme and upsetting so I ask you to bear this in mind when going through some of the terminology in this booklet.

If you would like further copies of this booklet for circulation, please get in touch