Boost for Wexford Roads with €12.324m confirmed for Regional & Local Improvements and confirmation of further round of the Local Improvement Scheme

Local, regional and private roads in Wexford are set for a significant funding injection, a Fine Gael Minister has said.

Minister Paul Kehoe said: “I was delighted to see Wexford receive €12,324,000 in funding for our local and regional roads, an increase of €681,249 on the same funding in 2017.

“This funding will allow safety improvement works to be carried out throughout the county as follows:

2018 Road Allocations

“Fine Gael in Government is committed to reducing deaths on Irish roads. 2017 saw the lowest number of fatalities on roads since records began. We cannot allow complacency to creep in and we must drive this down further.

In addition to this funding, Minister Kehoe also confirmed that another round of LIS funding will be paid in the first half of this year.

Minister Kehoe said: “In last year’s LIS scheme 18 private roads in Wexford were designated for improvements.

“A total of €494,493 was allocated for road improvements such as resurfacing here in Wexford last year, as part of a €17 million national fund for the scheme. “

“The LIS scheme was re-introduced last year after a gap of eight years since the last round of funding, and has made a huge difference to local communities here in Wexford.

“Many lanes and boreens which link private homes and farms are not on the public roads network and are therefore not maintained by the local authority, so this scheme really supports people living and working in rural areas.

“There is still work to be done on many private roads in Wexford so I am delighted to see that another LIS Scheme will take place this year.

“These roads are used by families every day and are essential for connecting people locally.

“This funding will used to maintain and improve local roads. It is essential that our infrastructure is capable of meeting the demands of our expanding economy.

“Fine Gael in Government will continue to invest in infrastructure to support local communities and build a sustainable future for rural Ireland.”